Supplies & Accessories

1. Closed Cup Rings
2. Doctor Blades
3. Stainless Steel Tray (18"x12" apprx.)
4. S.S. Tumbler For Ink Mixing
5. Ink Spatula
6. Front Apron (Morlock Green)
7. Gloves
8. Brush (Cleaning)
9. Hand Washing Cream ½ Ltr.
10. Screw Driver for releasing the plate from inkwell
11. Tape for cleaning the Pads
12. Mask
13. Plastic Hammer
Closed Cup & Rings

This is one of the best-sealed closed cup system in existence based on the principle of magnetism. To maintain the constant gripping force in between plate and ring, the position of the magnet should be equidistant from geometrical axis of the plate. The distance in between plate and magnet should be such that the wiping of the plate is neat and clean.

For increasing the gripping force, a distance in between plate and magnets can be reduced and for decreasing it can be inreased. You can adjust the up down position of magnet using the threaded spindle. This is used when there is no proper cleaning of plate or excess ink is coming on plate portion.

It is necessary to rotate the ring 90 degree on weekly basis for uniform wear and tear of ring. The material of the ring is HCHCr with 58-60 HRC hardness. For good quality printing, clean the edges of ring on daily basis. You can use this ring from both sides. The edges of ring is a critical area so it should be handle with care always because of any type of dent marks in the edges of ring will appear the scratches on plate which can be pick up during image transfer.

It should always be kept with rust preventive oil when not been used.

Doctor Blades

We have a two types of Doctor Blade of different thickness, one is 0.20 mm thick and another is available in 0.50 mm thickness. For good sharpness of image use the thin Doctor Blade and for some patch work use the thick Doctor Blade but it is necessary to lap the blade before use. These are hardened and flexible for its longer life.