This is a demonstration of our MTM 100 pad
Etching of  plates, cliche plate, doctor blade, cliche, ink well, cliché plate in india
1. Pad :- Made of Silicon Rubber.
2. Cliche Plate :- Made of High Carbon Steel on which etching is done (i.e your required design / logo).
3. Fixture :- Is made to hold the product in the printing position.
4. Control Panel :- Is a microprocessor based user friendly control panel from which you can control the entire operation.
5. Ink well :- Carries the ink and holds the cliche plate.
6. Doctor Blade Holder :- Holds the Dr.Blade which carries Dr.Blade & Ink spatula.

The pad lifts the ink from the etched part of the cliche and transfers it on to the object to be printed. This machine has an open inkwell which contains ink & holds the cliche plate on which doctor blade moves. On the forward movement of the machine , the spatula spreads ink on the cliche plate & on the backward stroke the doctor blade cleans the surplus ink off the cliche plate so that ink remains only on the etched portion. The pad then comes down and lifts the ink from the cliche plate and transfers the same on the product. The time between the backward &forward movement is used to change a product on a fixture by putting unprinted one & replacing the printed one.The speed of the machine can be infinitely varied by adjusting the knobs for the various movements of the machine pressure given below the microprocessor. The pressure of the pad on the cliche and the job can be varied by using the adjusting knobs given above the vertical cylinder.